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The LGM 2016 Election Contest, technical update


TLGM2016EC is off to a fine start. Be sure to get your entry in by 5 PM EDT this Friday.

A couple of technical matters:

(1) Percentage estimates expressed in tenths of a percent will be treated thus: 51.1% will be treated as 51.10%.

(2) Not to name names, but if a prominent and beloved commenter submits an entry with percentages adding up to more than 100%, should the entrant be notified and be given an opportunity to re-submit? What if the entrant isn’t notified but re-submits anyway? (Just trying to stave off litigation here). Opinions expressed will be considered advisory.

(3) It’s been pointed out that the final vote count isn’t official until months after the election. For the purposes of this contest, the final vote count shall be the current vote count as reported by the Associated Press as of noon eastern time, the Friday after the election. (Making someone wait several months for vodka-flavored ketchup raises potential 8th amendment issues).

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