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She’s Still Got It!



With many conservative writers sitting out the Trump campaign, his propaganda outlets sometimes have to reach down beyond the Z list. Remember Betsy McCaughey, the hack’s hack’s hack that Andrew Sullivan loosed about the world to tell ridiculous howlers about Bill Clinton’s health care proposals? She’s tanned, rested, ready, and has an argument about Donald Trump that has never been made in such detail or with such care:

The rap on Donald Trump is he’s all bluster. The New York Times says he’s offering “incoherent mishmash.” Former GOP rival Ted Cruz claimed Trump has “no idea” how to fix the economy.

Don’t believe it.

Donald Trump is a veritable policy wonk! What are some of the examples?

Trump slashes the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, down from the current 40 percent, the highest rate in the industrialized world.

A Republican proposing a big tax cuts on rich people and/or corporations? THIS INNOVATION IS ENTIRELY WITHOUT PRECEDENT AND SHOWS DEEP POLICY EXPERTISE. And the reviews from econemetricians are stellar:

Economist Larry Kudlow predicts that if Trump’s corporate tax plan becomes law, you’ll see “a tremendous movement of capital and labor back to the United States.”

Well, I’m nearly convinced, but what do Don Luskin and the Dow 36,000 guys think?

Onto proposal number 2:

For young blacks with no job experience, he’s got plans. One is borrowed from the left-leaning Century Foundation. Every summer, the State Department brings about 100,000 young foreigners into the United States to work in restaurants, camps and seaside resorts under J-1 visas. Trump says convert the program into a jobs bank for our own inner-city youth.

Yes, a minor bit of anti-immigration resentment should surely remedy America’s structural inequities (or, as McCaughey would put it, “systematic racism” [scare quotes retained from original]).

As for the third policy, there is…NO third policy.

In conclusion:

Clinton’s reputed to be the policy wonk, but she’s just a cynical politician. Trump, who’s rolling out serious policies to get Americans working, is the real deal.

Well, I am certainly convinced.

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