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I Hope It Had At Least 18 Axles



The general argument made by Maureen Dowd’s latest entry — shorter: “First Barack Obama opposed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination when she was running against him, now he supports her when he’s inelgible to run again, make up your mind!” — is worth exactly as much thought as she put into it, i.e. pretty much none. But I was amused by this bit:

Besides Biden, Obama threw another loyal former lieutenant, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, under the bus.

In the D.N.C. video introducing Obama at the convention, the president was built up as a hero on health care. It said Emanuel went to the president and said, “You’re going to have to pull the bill, because if you push this legislation, you will lose in 2012.”

Emanuel, who was hosting a party at the convention that night, was rightfully upset. It was his job to warn the president of the political consequences, and after Obama decided, it was Emanuel and Nancy Pelosi who had to arm-twist the bill through with no Republican votes.

Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo! Emmanuel deserves all of the criticism he’s received for advocating pulling the ACA and more. This is not terribly complicated. One one side of the ledger, we have the 20 million or so people who would not have health insurance had Obama and Reid and Pelosi taken his advice. Dowd defends Rahm because he had a responsibility to inform Obama that he would lose in 2012. It seems worth noting at this point that Obama did not lose in 2012. So Dowd’s argument is that it’s horribly unfair to attack Rahm’s terrible policy advice because it was in fact inept political analysis. Yeah, sure. Admittedly, I suspect Rahm was focused more on 2010, but that doesn’t help much — sure, the Democrats lost, but the idea that they could have flipped 50 had they tried and then failed to pass a comprehensive health care reform bill is absurd.

Things get even worse than this towards the end:

The president made his vote-for-Hillary-or-face-doom convention speech only 22 days after his F.B.I. director painted Hillary as reckless and untruthful.

He argued that there is no choice but to support Hillary against a “self-declared savior” like Donald Trump, perhaps forgetting that Obama was once hailed as such a messiah that Oprah introduced him in 2007 as “the one,” and it became his moniker.

Obama 2007 and Trump 2016 — not a dime’s worth of difference! And it’s puzzling that Obama thinks Clinton is infinitely preferable to Trump despite a trivial email scandal that would not rank in the top 100 of bad things Donald Trump has done in the last 30 days! I think MoDo got hooked up with her Colorado brownie supplier again.

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