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Rich Lowry: liberal media bias = reporting




Speaking of the media, before Trump wrapped up the nomination I thought–and I know this was very foolish of me–there was at least some chance that the media wouldn’t turn on him the way it does every other Republican nominee. Maybe they would be so desperate to have him on and to keep enjoying the ratings bonanza, he would experience something like the latitude he got in the primaries, when interviewers rarely nailed him down on anything. But the media has clearly squared the circle by giving us wall-to-wall Trump coverage via a continuous anti-Trump feeding frenzy. Of course, Trump has stupidly played into its hands at nearly every turn, but that doesn’t mean the mainstream media isn’t blatantly biased against him.

Note how an “anti-Trump feeding frenzy” consists of “reporting what the Republican candidate for president said today.”

But my favorite part of this is the claim that the absence of liberal media bias consists precisely of the media failing to do their jobs. As soon as they start asking any questions that reveal, inevitably, that the GOP has nominated a psychotic liar, then they’re revealing their “bias,” which apparently they can only avoid indulging in by refusing to report on whatever crazy slander or three Donald Trump has uttered in the last twelve hours.

In other words, the famous Colbert joke isn’t even a joke any more.

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