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Grifters Gonna Grift

Clark Stanley's Snake Oil Liniment.png
Clark Stanley’s Snake Oil Liniment, True Life in the Far West, 200 page pamphlet, illus., Worcester, Massachusetts, c. 1905, 23 x 14.8 cm., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47338529

It will surprise no one to learn that the Big Scam is begetting small scams:

At a glance, the two websites look virtually indistinguishable. Both feature a photo of Donald Trump, in a suit and red tie, in front of a giant American flag. Both seemingly offer a chance for two to win dinner with Donald Trump.
One is at donaldjtrump.com; the other is at dinnerwithtrump.org.
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The first belongs to Trump’s campaign. The second is a scheme run by Ian Hawes, a 25-year-old Maryland man who has no affiliation with Trump or his campaign and who has preyed on more than 20,000 unsuspecting donors, collecting more than $1 million in the process.

I get that there’s an inclination to point and laugh, and I also appreciate that on the Ledgers of Historical Justice, it’s better that this money ends up in the hands of a small-time grifter than of the big-time grifter. Still, it’s a shame that people can apparently get away with effectively stealing the money of Trump’s least savvy, least well-off fans.

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