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A few people seem to think that Andrew Sullivan deserves some sort of credit for endorsing and voting for Hillary Clinton in the coming presidential election (only 325 bamillion days to go).

This – and I say this as someone who thinks the man is a complete  ass – is incredibly unfair to Andrew Sullivan.

This is the equivalent of saying Sullivan did a great job looking both ways before he crossed a busy street. Or: Let’s give Sullivan a pat on the back because he decided to shave with a razor instead of a Ginsu knife. Or even: I was impressed by Sullivan’s decision to climb a tree when a pack of ravenous hyenas was chasing him. What the hell else would he do?

Nov. 8 will be the first time Sullivan votes in the U.S. and one may almost imagine that the universe conspired to make sure the process of selecting a candidate was as easy as possible. Does anyone think there was any sort of prolonged decision-making process? Let’s review his – and the rest of America’s – choices:

H.R. Clinton/Kaine

Tantrumville Stein or Contradiction Heights Johnson (or is that the other way around?)


Does this look like a head-scratcher? I don’t think he’s anywhere near as clever as he believes himself to be, but even I don’t think he’s as dim as all that.

Even under normal circumstances, I’ve never seen the point of praising or (odder still) thanking people (usually white and male) who decide to vote D instead of R. Thanks for not voting for oppression in all it’s forms! Whatever next? You didn’t kick that puppy into a storm drain, bravo!

No, that would be ridiculous in a normal year and  this year isn’t normal. Inevitable, certainly. For as long as I can remember the only question has been how long the GOP could keep the plates spinning before something Trump-like stomped out of the wings and got a standing ovation for telling jokes about the coloreds.

This year, anyone who says that after intense internal debate, they decided they would vote for Clinton (or against Trump) is either too stupid for a mother’s tears and should be left alone; winding you up and should be ignored; or some species of selfish jackass who may be ignored or told to go nap on I-95, depending on personal preference.

Praised? No. Thanked? Ha ha ha. No.

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