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Dear folks who supported Sanders as much as I did — it’s called a mirror, look in it


The primary fight was well fought, and it pulled the congenital centrist to her left, but at this point, all that matters is this:

The Norotious R.B.G.: 83 years old
Anthony Kennedy: 79 years old
Stephen Breyer: 77 years old

I’m not saying those ages should’ve had matter BEFORE we shifted into the general election — I think I made who I supported pretty fucking clear — but now that that shift has in fact occurred, we have to remember that sometimes principles are more important than parties, and presidents less important than ideals.

In short, we need to remember that the majority of what we’ve gained in the past seven years under an Obama administration has had far more to do with the composition of the Supreme Court than who occupied the White House.

I’m not saying you have to like it. I’m not saying you have to approve of anything. I’m not saying you have to kowtow to the chant of historic claims.

I’m just saying that if you let your personal disappointment pave the way for a Trump-nominated Supreme Court in which the gains in civil rights for the LGBTQ community are curtailed, in which Obamacare is scaled back, in which already restricted voting rights for minorities are further limited, in which abortion becomes a back-alley procedure again — if you let your personal heartache hurt all those people, can you really call yourself a liberal?

This is a serious question, and it ain’t about any particular candidates. It’s just something to think about before you start bawking/balking about who you’re voting for. This isn’t capitulation — it’s the future of civil rights for actual American human beings who are not you, as well as for the very definition of this country as a nation of immigrants.

We shouldn’t become a nation of nativist wall-builders — because if I remember correctly, even someone despised by the left once urged someone to tear down some wall, and it was the right fucking idea then, and it is, preemptively even, the right fucking idea now.

Life is difficult. Decisions are contingent and imperfect. Stop trying impose what has, in this election cycle, proven to be an assailable idealism on an election that requires defeating an opponent unlike any since Andrew Jackson.

I don’t want to support her either, or the DNC, or triangulation — but she’s not deflecting questions about whether she’d accept the support of the KKK and Stormfront, so all you Sanders supporters on my timeline considering flipping to Trump?

Fuck the fuck you.

Just — never mind, there’s no “just” here.

It’s simply “Fuck the fuck you,” like turtles, all the way down. If you’re so wounded as to prefer someone who won’t denounce Klansman and Nazis to preserve a key portion of his demographic in order to defeat Hillary Clinton, you’re profoundly broken.

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