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David French & the Obama Hiroshima Drama


Anyone familiar with David French (the NR scribbler, not the playwright) will be non-surprised to learn that President Obama’s speech at Hiroshima upset him a great deal.

Apparently French thinks Obama should have reminded the people of Japan that during WWII they were a nation of blood-thirsty maniacs who were at least as bad as the Nazis. The president should have tossed in a comparison or three to Islamic extremists. And he ought to have concluded by telling them to feel grateful that the U.S. had seen fit to give it not one, but two lovely nukes.

Time saving tip – Don’t read the article if you’re hoping for French’s opinion on whether the U.S. should have given Germany a nuke, or why a Dresden-style bombing wasn’t good enough for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. French starts off by equating Japan with Germany and then veers into “And those people were coo-coo, ya know.”

Japan’s rank-and-file military fought with a ferocity matched on the European Theater of Operations only by Hitler’s most dedicated fanatics. Japan’s troops fought to the last man, and when its military plight grew increasingly desperate, it launched a suicide-bombing campaign that dwarfs anything ISIS or al-Qaeda have ever imagined, much less attempted.

The nerve! Didn’t they know that the Right Wing Rules of Warfare only allow fighting to the last man and dying to defend one’s country when it is done by Americans?

Even many Japanese civilians demonstrated that they’d rather die than surrender — throwing themselves off cliffs to escape American forces.

How rude! Clearly a nuke or two was needed to teach these people how to behave when approached by enemy soldiers.

In those circumstances, if there was an opportunity to defeat Japan without causing such immense loss — a loss that would have unpredictable consequences for our own people, much less for Japan — should we not seize it? In deciding to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Harry Truman made perhaps the most critical — and wisest decision — of any American commander-in-chief in our history. He saved lives. He ended the great calamity of World War II. And, ironically enough, he even saved Japan — leaving behind enough of a country and enough of a people to allow them to rebuild and re-imagine themselves as the great nation they are today.

But did they ever send a thank you note? Maybe a couple of crates of Pocky? Of course not, because they’re still rude. Shame on President Barack Wimpy Bowing to Foreigners Obama for encouraging them.

Here is the true message of Hiroshima: So long as America remains a great nation, it will rise to defeat great evil, and it will do so with its full power and deepest conviction. That message has been indispensable to keeping our nation — and the world — out of another global conflict for more than 70 years.

Er, yeah. Hooray for the localwar movement?

Certainly the fact that the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. spent most of that period waving increasingly more deadly penis extensions at one another had nothing to do with anything. It’s all down to U.S. Resolve and manly fondling of a glistening ICBM right out in public. Americans who forget that message are in danger of passing up an opportunity to frag non-Americans to hell and gone. Oh, la honte!

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