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Today’s Out of Sight Reading Group – Chapters 3 & 4 (Update)

Rachel Carson

Loomis is around to take your questions and respond to comments on chapters 3 – Outsourcing Pollution and 4 – Hidden Food, Broken Workers.

(Update) Could you talk a little about the rift between unions and environmental groups? Are you seeing any signs of rapprochement there?


After reading the chapters, I just have a random thought. It seems that corporations operating abroad and in the U.S. believe that best practices should include poisoning and maiming the current workforce while it cripples the children of those workers. I assume that if one area becomes so blighted that there isn’t a sufficient workforce, corporations will move to another area and start again. Or perhaps there will be more contracting out of indentured servitude and slavery. That seems to be very popular and worth the P.R. headaches when word does get out.

Also, thanks to this book I have another reason – besides the fact that is nasty – never to eat another Hershey’s “chocolate” product.

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