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“The Trash Does Not Roll Very Far From the Dumpster”

CBS analyst Seth Davis
CBS analyst Seth Davis

You may not be surprised that Seth Davis, college basketball writer and privileged son of worst living human Lanny Davis, believes that college athletes should not be paid for their labor.

The problems facing college sports will be addressed this week, as well they should, but keep in mind that most of these same problems have been around since the enterprise began in the late 19th century. College sports, or at least college football (and later basketball), is big business, and wherever money is changing hands, corruption is sure to follow. But the transaction that will be on display this weekend is worth preserving. No, the players won’t be paid like professionals, but they will be feted like kings. They have earned that by working hard at their craft, under the supervision of some of the best coaches who ever stalked a sideline, in concert with the best strength and conditioning trainers money can buy, in front of the biggest audience most of them will ever see.

Exploited? Try blessed. Here’s hoping they spend this weekend counting their blessings while ignoring the members of the chattering class who are trying convince them to walk away.

I’m not sure what is more unbelievable. Is it that Davis genuinely believes that people are trying to college athletes to “walk away” instead of, you know, “to get paid for their labor?” I guess all those European players who do get paid don’t know their blessings. Or is it that a long-time writer for Sports Illustrated and son of Lanny Davis would blame it on the “chattering classes?”

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