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Making the Call (Update – link fixed)


You will all be relieved to know that the women of Indiana continue to obey HB 1337. But it isn’t easy. Here is an excerpt of one woman’s struggles to make sure her reproductive organs are HB 1337 compliant.

To do my part as a law abiding resident of Indiana, I have also been updating the governor regularly over the past week.


Several days ago, I also filled out the online form where you can request the governor to attend your event.

My event was a monthly one, and it was called “My Period”. Except I did not get any email back acknowledging receipt of my request. So yesterday I decided to call and ask about it. Here is the honest to god transcript* of that phone call:

4/8/2016, 4:02 pm

Professional Sounding Young Man: Hello, you’ve reached Governor Mike Pence’s office, how can I help you?

Me: Yes, I had a question about the online form you have where you can request the governor to come to your event? How long does it usually take to hear back?

Young man, sounding relieved that he does not have to hear about my ladyparts: Oh! Usually it is pretty fast; I can actually look it up for you! What’s your name?

Me: Monthly Period.

Him: Ohhhhhhhhh.

Me: Yes, I was just wanting to schedule the governor to be with me during my period every month. I feel like that would be easier, so he can be sure I’m not passing any fertilized eggs or anything.

People who wish to obey HB 1337 are encouraged to call 317-232-4567. On Twitter – @mike_pence. May as well do it now, before states start installing monitors.

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