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If only Mrs. Till had taught her son not to speak to white women


Tamir Rice’s family has reached a settlement with Cleveland. Naturally a local police union seized the opportunity to remind everyone that head of a police union is a great job for someone who was thrown out of a gang of fascist goat-strangling bikers for being too scuzzy.

The head of the Cleveland rank-and-file police union says the family of 12-year-old Tamir Rice should use money from a $6 million settlement to educate children about the use of look-alike firearms.

Here’s the education: Ohio is an open carry state. Supremacist dickheads like Steve Loomis don’t believe the law applies to black people, but they do believe in killing them and then blaming them for their deaths.

So eat your veggies so you can grow up big and strong and overthrow the society that allows supremacist dickheads within a light year of a position of influence!

Something positive must come from this tragic loss. That would be educating youth of the dangers of possessing a real or replica firearm.

We look forward to the possibility of working with the Rice family to achieve this common goal.

A perfectly spun “If you don’t work with your oppressors to further their agenda, you’re the real problem and you don’t care about the children.” 10/10.

In response, an attorney for the Rice family filed a Summary Motion to Go Fuck Yourself:

Subodh Chandra … said that the comments “reflect all that is wrong with Cleveland’s police division — he managed to (1) blame the victim, (2) equate the loss of the life of a 12-year-old child with the officers facing scrutiny, and (3) demand money from the victim’s family and counsel.

“Loomis’s continued posturing shows he and the union still don’t comprehend that the police division needs a cultural change — not hiring incompetents, better training, and greater accountability.”

And now, the punchline.

Loomis also sits on the Cleveland Community Police Commission, a board made up of representatives of residents and law enforcement that is tasked with making policy recommendations to the police department. The commission was formed as part of a settlement the city reached with the U.S. Justice Department over police use of force

Unless he’s representing the red-faced violent bloviator faction, this really should not be.

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