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There’s Always an Albert Speer Out There Somewhere



Surely some architect would embrace building Trump’s insane border wall:

“With the highly contested nature of this project, and the fact that many, many people object to it really strongly—do you want to be on the wrong side of that in a way that’s going to stick with you for years?” asks Raphael Sperry, president of Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility.

Sperry says that his organization will condemn the border wall, should Trump be elected president. His organization may not stand alone: Other professional design associations are bound by ethics that Trump’s proposal appears to plainly violate. As with other controversial border projects, firms that built this wall could be subject to boycotts, blacklists, and lawsuits.

Critics tend to dismiss Trump’s chief policy proposal as bonkers. Engineers have never shied away from projects that seem impossible, but walling off Mexico is something worse: It’s impractical. Reputational risk, ethical conundrums, and environmental liability each pose significant obstacles to building the project. This wall is a wall unto itself.

The article goes on to explain why Trump couldn’t build this wall anyway. They sound like a bunch of losers who don’t understand how the size of Trump’s penis will intimidate everyone from Mexicans to various regulatory agencies. Surely some architect will accept the challenge to defend America! Trump ’16!

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