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Hillary Clinton is Peyton Manning



Or rather “Peyton Manning.”

Peyton Manning was a very bad quarterback last season. Not “not great,” not “mediocre,” but very bad. He was the worst starting QB in the league. The Broncos ended up winning the Super Bowl anyway, because they had an awesome defense, great special teams, Brock Osweiler, and a huge amount of luck in close games.

For most of the season, a lot of Denver fans were in various levels of denial about how a quarterback named Peyton Manning could be this bad, especially since the team was winning. If his name hadn’t been Manning, it would have been a lot more obvious that he was in fact terrible.

Hillary Clinton had better hope the metaphorical equivalent of Von Miller is on her side, because she’s not very good at this.

. . . and of course she does have the equivalent of the Denver defense on her side, in the form of both the significant structural advantage Democrats currently have in presidential elections, and in the fact that the GOP seems destined to run the equivalent of the Matt Millen-era Detroit Lions against her.

Which is all great, because she’s pretty bad at electoral politics.

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