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Will it surprise anyone that HA! Goodman was an open Rand Paul supporter before Bernie came along? Shocking, I know. The best part of this is HA! starts by admitting the president can’t really do that much, then goes on to talk about how Hillary is the devil and therefore can’t be president. Amazingly, naming Supreme Court justices that will protect the reproductive rights of women is nowhere to be found in this essay!

Here’s his big pro-Paul essay. It includes this howler:

Rand Paul could bring back an era in American politics when conservatives and liberals socialized with one another. This alone would solve some of the gridlock in Washington. Paul has worked with 7 leading Democrats on a number of issues; working on everything from judicial reform, NSA surveillance, the limits of presidential authority to launch strikes in Iraq, and other issues. Imagine Ted Cruz reaching out to Nancy Pelosi, or Mitch McConnell having lunch with Hillary Clinton. Rand Paul, on the other hand, has worked to emulate this picture.

Dude…..Imagine when President Paul makes weed legal, Mitch and Ted will totally hit a bong with Nancy and Hillary. We will end DRONEZ!!!, pull all our forces back into the United States, listen to Phish, and America will become the great bipartisan nation it always wanted to be.

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