Conservotarian reaction to the Rise of the Cotton Candy Topped Mogul is exactly like that of a practicing addict who wakes after a drug-fueled party and discovers that people took to heart his encouragement to get wasted and trash the place.

Never in a million years will the addict contemplate the possibility that there’s some connection between the act of inviting people over to snort some blow and go wild and the fact that someone took a chainsaw to his living room.

And now he’s very upset because a bunch of horrible people he’s never seen before in his life – Or at least he hardly knows them – Well OK he invited them, but only for like, one drink, clogged every toilet in his house and then started crapping in the sinks and tubs.

So naturally he’s looking for someone to blame for the fact that the words “Hey I’ve got a ton of coke and booze at my house, why don’t you all come over?” came out of his mouth. Thousands of times. Over a period of decades.

And that’s why conservotarian reaction to the Triumph of the Trump is so damned funny. Fingers crossed they choke on all that impotent rage!

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