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“Please Clap”

How do you say "banana daiquiri"?
How do you say “banana daiquiri”?

Feel the Jeb!mentum!

Yet there are signs Mr. Bush may still have some work to do to finish in the top tier here. Speaking to a crowd at the Hanover Inn near the Vermont border during his final stop of the day, Mr. Bush finished a fiery riff about protecting the country as commander in chief — “I won’t be out here blowharding, talking a big game without backing it up,” he said — and was met with total silence.

“Please clap,” he said, sounding defeated.

The crowd laughed — and then, finally, clapped.

I’m almost tempted to feel bad for the guy, but then I remember the 2000 African-American voter purge and Terri Schiavo. So, you know, cue Nelson Muntz.

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