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Yesterday was all we had


I know many Americans will be deeply saddened when President Obama leaves the White House. But the ones who will feel the blow first and hardest are the people who profit from Barack Obama Hate Machine, Inc. All of those grasstroturf teahaddi groups and Save America’s Freedoom PACs and even the NRA, that have done very well off of Obama’s presidency because it has allowed them to pander to racists like never before.

As much as the right wing establishment likes to upcycle its garbage, BOHM, Inc. is different. The enterprise is built on the solid, enduring and constantly reinforced foundation of white fear and hatred of black males. Assuming the next president isn’t named Trump or Cruz, neither a President H. Clinton or B. Sanders would generate a tenth of the visceral reaction and hence the money and the power that’s come from using President Barack Hussein Obama to frighten to terminally resentful white people into falling in line and forking over the cash and/or votes.

Yes the neo-cons do hate H. Clinton. But you’ll have noticed that while this culture has many stereotypes about women, ‘Women are violent thugs who will rob/rape/kill any man who crosses their path,’ is nowhere to be found on the list. Even Bill O’Loofah’s Gangs of New York Lesbians exposé was heavy on the sexual assault of girls (i.e. wish fulfillment) aspect and very light on lesbians attacking hetero males.

For the purposes of the neo-con power broker qua griftmeister, the insecurities and anxieties a woman generates are useless in comparison. If we wind up with President H. Clinton, I suspect the most common line would be “Puppet President Hitlery Clinton Controlled by Shadow Master Oblackma!!!

However, “Be afraid of the man behind the curtain” will not pull the same ROI as “Be afraid of the black man who is going to grab your gun and shove gay marriage down your throat and say is it me or is it getting warm in here?”

And Sanders? The way the GOP’s Israel Frottage Squad awkwardly mouths “Judeo-Christian values” to prove they aren’t barking anti-Semites is all the proof one needs that they are. But the establishment makes an effort to hide it. They do it with all of the subtlety, finesse and skill of a bald man attempting to use his ear hair in a comb over, but they do try.

With President Bernie Sanders would come the fiddly business of explaining why it is O.K. to hate this one, but everyone should be cool about the rest.

In public.

Except Soros, of course.

With Obama, they don’t need to say a single word.

Imagine you’re being paid to trigger all of the fears and hates of white conservative men who were already racist before they got on to a steady diet of Teahadist talking points, Limbaugh, Fox and that dumb bigoted crap dumb bigots pass around on Facebook.

To make this exercise realistic, imagine you’re lazy, have all the creative talent of damp wood and don’t want to spend more than five seconds on the project.

Got it? OK. Which image would you select to make the marks’ gonads hide behind their kidneys?

Exhibit A?
Exhibit B?


And there’s no way they’ll get the same mileage out of SOCIALISM!!! when they can’t attach a black face to it.

This is why I predict the last three months of Obama’s presidency will feature non-stop claims that he’s planning a coup.

Rumors of gun raids in places like non-existent cities in Idaho will be common.

The New York Times will run a front page article about a plan to declare a state of emergency on Election Day that will turn out to be the opposite of true.Anderson Cooper will just ask questions.

The Guild of Concerned & Civil Columnists will tut-tut over Obama’s refusal to assure the American Public that he doesn’t intend to start a dictatorship by resigning now.

And once he does leave the Republihacks will split their time between blaming him for making them act like total asshats and congratulating one another on forcing him to leave because they know he would have stayed had they not foiled his (what’s the word?) dastardly scheme!

Until they realize there won’t be as many jobs as once there  were.

I hope the fights are televised.

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