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Should we call it Datagate or Dataghazi? [Updataed]


This story brought to you by a bad software patch.

Officials with the Democratic National Committee have accused the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders of improperly accessing confidential voter information gathered by the rival campaign of Hillary Clinton, according to several party officials.

Jeff Weaver, the Vermont senator’s campaign manager, acknowledged that a staffer had viewed the information but blamed a software vendor hired by the DNC for a glitch that allowed access. Weaver said one Sanders staffer was fired over the incident.

(“I only wandered in and took a look because someone left the door open” lacks a certain something in terms of a decent excuse.)

But then!

The DNC has told the Sanders campaign that it will not be allowed access to the data again until it provides an explanation as well as assurances that all Clinton data has been destroyed.

And now!

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) campaign sued the Democratic National Committee in federal court Friday evening following the suspension of his campaign from the DNC’s voter database after a security breach.

The suit claims that the campaign is losing $600,000 in donations each day that it does not have access to the data, and adds that the “damage to the campaign’s political viability as a result of being unable to communicate with constituents and voters, is far more severe, and incapable of measurement.”

My prediction – However quickly this is resolved, we’ll see eleventy billion stories about the DISCORD & CONFUSION THAT’S TEARING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY TO SHREDS.

[Update: Resolution time = A few hours if you count from time Sanders filed a lawsuit.]

Maybe it should be called Distractovision.

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