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Regulating Lion Imports and Regulating Sweatshop-Produced Imports


The U.S. is now cracking down to some extent on the importation of lion trophies after the killing of Cecil earlier this year. It’s not going as far as some European nations which are banning them entirely. But it is using the Endangered Species Act to create a higher bar for horrible human beings trophy hunters who want to bring these exotic animal bodies into the U.S. so they can place them on their walls.

To me, this is another example of we can, if we so choose, use U.S. law to regulate imports of all sorts of products. The idea that we as a nation cannot regulate clothing and toys and other products made in exploitative sweatshops or other goods produced through polluting local ecosystems and killing local people through horrible cancers and birth defects into the United States is ridiculous because we already regulate all sorts of things coming into our nation, including animal products. We as a society can make a choice to tell corporations that goods imported into the U.S. cannot be produced in sweatshops, in unsafe working conditions, and through horribly polluting processes. We simply choose not to because we care a lot more about a lion than we do about thousands of Bangladeshi sweatshop workers. This despite the fact that most of us will never be able to go on a safari and see those lions in the wild whereas we personally wear sweatshop-produced clothing every day.

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