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This really should just be labelled #Belgium:

Soldiers and police officers in Brussels held an orgy while the city was in lockdown over fears of a Paris-style attack by Islamist extremists, according to Belgian media reports.

Two female police officers and eight soldiers are said to have engaged in group sex at a police station in the Brussels neighbourhood of Ganshoren while colleagues hunted for terror suspects.

The police station was near Molenbeek, where anti-terror raids had been taking place.

Police spokesman Johan Berckmans told De Standaard that 15 to 20 soldiers slept at the station for two weeks during the operation in November so they did not have to travel far at the end of their shift.

“When they left, they organised a small party to thank the police in the area,” the spokesman told Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure.

Give the Belgian police this, at least they didn’t celebrate by shooting 12 year old Muslim kids and then walking away scot free.

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