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One Person, One Vote



I am more than a little skeptical about the Supreme Court rejecting the openly racist arguments in Evenwel v. Abbott reinterpreting the definition of “one person, one vote” to exclude non-citizens, children, prisoners, and all people not eligible to vote, as if they aren’t affected by our government. Please don’t be shocked this challenge is coming out of Texas. This blatant Republican attempt to roll back the diversity they fear is just another step on their road to reestablishing a publicly white supremacist nation. Like most everything else, it looks like a vacillating Kennedy is the only hope and this will probably at least open the door to more challenges to representation for the many people Republicans don’t deem worthy of it.

I guess the biggest chance this gets held off is that if we throw out counting everyone for representation, what actually replaces it is unknown and that would open a huge can of worms. Do I think that these Republican judges will let that get in the way of their own political preferences? No, not really.

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