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Why Conservatives Support Israel



Support for Israel on the right has many strands that have increasingly come together–U.S. geopolitical interests for some, Israelis seen as an island of whites in a sea of scary Arabs for others. But at its core, right-wing support for Israel comes down to biblical prophecy that at its core is about the elimination of Judaism entirely. Usually this is more or less kept under wraps in the respectable political world but sometimes it slips out. Such as for Michelle Bachmann.

“Almost every article in the paper” has to do with conflicts in Israel, Bachmann said, “and it ties with so much biblical prophecy. This week really was about biblical prophecy in many ways. And we’re seeing as events are speeding up, events are speeding up so quickly right now, and we see how relevant the Bible is, and we’re reading our newspaper, at the same time we’re learning about these biblical events, and it’s literally day by day by day, we’re seeing the fulfillment of scripture right in front of our eyes, even while we’re on the ground.”

“We recognize the shortness of the hour,” she said, “and that’s why we as a remnant want to be faithful in these days and do what it is that the Holy Spirit is speaking to each one of us, to be faithful in the Kingdom and to help bring in as many as we can — even among the Jews — share Jesus Christ with everyone that we possibly can because, again, He’s coming soon.”

Once that giant biblical Israel is created, Christ is totally coming back to judge us all, so convert you filthy Jews! But steal some more Muslim land first!

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