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He’s gotta have it


I read with interest Mr. Spike Lee’s recent suggestion for curbing sexual assault on campus:

“I think a sex strike could really work on college campuses where there’s an abundance of sexual harassment or date rapes,” Lee told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on US television. “Second semester it’s going to happen. Once people coming back from Christmas and some stuff jumps off, there’s going to be sex strikes in universities and college campuses across this country.”

Yes, yes of course. It makes perfect sense, if we follow these simple steps:

1. Reduce women who are attending college (who are apparently all hetero on Planet Lee) to nothing more or less than keepers of le nookie chaud for men attending college.

Expecting men to see women as fully operational human beings clearly isn’t going to work. People have asked them, and some guys have said “Neaux.” So, until 100% of all men agree to treat women like people, women will have to continue to act as though they are sexbots … who are also attending college for some reason.

Look, don’t argue with Mr. Lee, he’s a famous movie making person and you’re not. If you’re a woman, especially a woman attending college, you should be having lots of sex with your fellow college students (emphasis on fellow) right now, so they’ll really miss it next semester. You should not be reading this blog post.

2. Conflate consensual activities, such as having sex, with violent crime. That happens all of the time anyway because significant portions of society continue to wallow in the delusion that rape is sex that got out of control. Donezo.

3. Pretend that stopping the consensual activity will stop the crime. Here’s a related idea: Students should stage a hand-shake strike, to reduce the number of fist-fights. Sheer genius, ain’t it?

4. Inhale an entire tube Krazy Glue.

Merci to commenter Origami Isopod for the heads up.

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