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Bait n’ Switch


Perhaps you thought organizations such as Making Change at Walmart, are invested in improving the lives of retail workers. This is because you’ve been listening to Trotskyites, again.

According to the National Retail Federation (which knows about these things and has no reason to lie), they really want to undercut proud passionate workers:

“In the heat of political rhetoric, it is easy to forget that retail businesses and the people who work in them not only drive the nation’s economy but also bring great passion and energy to what they do,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.

“NRF refuses to allow vested political interests to undercut the millions of men and women who are proud to work in retail, and we will continue to ensure that current and future legislators on the local, state and federal levels know the true value of retail jobs,” he added.

Gosh! I am convinced and do not at all see this as the attempt of a bunch of anti-worker troglodytes to convince those who don’t work retail that the tales of rotten wages and working conditions are the fabrications of troublemakers who hate the nice lady who rings them out at Harris Teeter!

Neither will I believe anyone who says the NRF is attempting to pit workers against one another!

Take that, commies.


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