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It was never in doubt! Thanks to the Philadelphia Phillies for trading Jon Papelbon to the Nationals so he could share in their epic collapse.

Obviously, Sandy Alderson had one hell of a trade deadline. The major league leaders in fWAR as of today:

1. Harper 10.1
2. Donaldson 8.4
3. Trout 8.3
4. Votto 7.6
5. Goldschmidt 7.1
6. Cespides 6.7

Given that roughly a third of Cespides’s value came with the Mets, that’s what you call a high-impact acquisition. Evidently, the credit due Alerdson is mitgated by the fact that Cespides was his third choice, but…well done.

While we’re here, I am an admirer of Billy Beane, SUPERGENIUS, but it must be noted that Beane has traded away two of the top 6 in the last two years and doesn’t have a great deal to show for it.  The Cespides trade was fine — he had only one+ year of team control left, and he got Price Lester in return.   But the Donaldson trade…yikes.  Barreto did have a good year with the bat at A ball, but trading away an elite talent with several more years of team control for that little return was a massive blunder.

Oh, and since he’s cooled down I assume we won’t be hearing much about it, but the idea that Cespides should be the NL MVP is insane.  Harper shouldn’t be blamed because Rizzo, Williams et al didn’t do their jobs, and while limiting MVPs to single leagues is arbitrary in this day and age Harper has been the best player in baseball this year by any measure.
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