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Nostalgia for the Clinton Years



Remember when Bill Clinton thought it was a good idea to write laudatory letters to the Daughters of the Confederacy? That was in the long ago epoch of 1994. And those were good times.

“For 100 years, the United Daughters of the Confederacy has maintained and built upon the wonderful legacy of your founders. The strength of your organization today is a testament of the vision of your founders and to your commitment to your shared goals.”

“I congratulate you on your achievement, and I extend best wishes for many years of continuing success,” he concluded.

I suppose at some point we can bring in the argument of not reading too much of our current values into the past. Except that in 1994, it should have been anathema for anyone to say anything nice to a neo-Confederate organization except upon its disbanding and donation of the group’s assets to civil rights organizations. So I can’t give Clinton a pass here.

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