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Dog Sniffs Man


Falkland Islands topographic map-enI’m not sure that I’m capable of formulating a theory about why this should be embarrassing to the British government:

Documents released by the American whistle-blower Edward Snowden claim that Britain spied for several years on the Argentine government.

According to reports in the Argentine media, Britain was concerned that Argentina could launch another attempt to reclaim the Falkland Islands.

The two nations fought a war over the islands in 1982.

Last month the British government announced it was upgrading its military presence on the islands.

Mr Snowden says British agents were actively spying on Argentina between 2006 and 2011.

The former CIA worker, who now lives in Russia, has previously leaked sensitive information about US surveillance programmes.

I’m also struggling with the release strategy of Snowden and his handlers.  Do they think that this is embarrassing to the British?  Is the intent simply to punish the British government? It seems that we’ve moved some distance from the original purpose of uncovering wrong-doing on the part of US and British intelligence services…

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