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Victory on the Tipped Minimum Wage!


A couple weeks ago, I asked for your help on trying to end the tipped (sub) minimum wage in New York State, so that more than 200,000 workers could get a raise. And lo and behold:

Acting state Labor Commissioner Mario Musolino accepted a state wage board’s recommendation to raise the cash wage for tipped workers to $7.50 per hour beginning Dec. 31, marking tipped workers’ first minimum wage raise since 2011.

Musolino accepted four of the five recommendations made by the wage board. He said he is in favor of putting all tipped workers under one class, allowing New York City to raise its minimum for tipped workers by one dollar if and when the Legislature approves a separate minimum wage for the metropolis, and reviewing whether to eliminate the cash wages and tip credits system…

For those of you who remember the original form email, that’s recommendations A-D, and rejecting E. It’s rare that you win a victory across the board, so celebrate!

(And just for added schadenfreude,”the restaurant industry called Musolino’s decisions troubling.”)


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