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But We Can All Agree Bugs Bunny in Drag Was Intensely Hot, Right?



Rod Dreher is very titillated by upset about New York Magazine’s interview with a zoophile. Not understanding the concept of consent and the difference between interspecies and human/human relationships, he thinks that this interview is an attempt to normalize zoophilia. This is liberalism in action, folks. You decide to mind your own goddamn business and not worry about other people are doing with their genitals and suddenly everyone’s trolling the zoo for romantic partners. It’s true. I decided that that I wasn’t going to worry about what consenting adults do in the bedroom. Not two seconds later, I stumbled across a man making violent love to a ferret.  I know what you’re thinking: NO, it wasn’t Mike Cernovich. 

Conservatives too often mistake liberalism for libertinism. I’m a liberal. This means that I’m cool with same sex relationships. It means I’m cool with kink so long as the kink is safe/sane/consensual/etc. That doesn’t mean *I’m* kinky. (It also doesn’t mean I equate homosexuality with kink. The two things don’t have anything to do with each other.)

That doesn’t mean I think all kink is cool and awesome. (I find many paraphilias pretty gross.) The only thing it means is that, being pretty intensely private about my fairly vanilla love life, I like to grant everyone the same right to privacy. In other words, unless you’re hurting someone with your extra-curricular activities, I don’t wanna know about them. It doesn’t mean I dig them or approve of them. It doesn’t mean that when I read an article about horse-fucking I begin thinking to myself “You know what? That sounds all right.”

But I can understand how Rod Dreher–his brain addled by all the hot hamster porn he’s been “researching”–might find these concepts confusing.


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