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St. Ralph Speaks!


America’s most astute political analyst has taken some time off from his busy schedule of trying to prevent neighborhoods less affluent than his own from having libraries to identify the real progressive alternative in the 2016 race:

On HBO’s Real Time Friday, former presidential candidate Ralph Nader had no problem deciding between two potential 2016 candidates.

Asked if he prefers Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Nader, widely known for his political independence, replied, “You mean Generalissima Hillary Clinton?”

“No,” he said, “I support Rand Paul on foreign, military policy, the federal reserve and the bloated military budget. All of which she is on the other side. Who’s liberal and who’s conservative anymore?”

This is all the more compelling coming from someone whose previous inability to distinguish between a moderate liberal and a contemporary conservative Republican led to trillions of dollars worth of catastrophic war.

…and, yes, I will never get tired of watching that last .gif.

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