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A new hero is born


SEK is at Home Depot. He sees two scrawny WHITE GUYS pass a WOMAN who is admittedly very BUTCH.

WHITE GUY #1: Check it out.

WHITE GUY #2: Bet that dyke bitch loves her some pu —

BUTCH WOMAN: I will fuck you up.

WHITE GUY #2: Are you talking to–

BUTCH WOMAN: I, will fuck, you up.

WHITE GUY #1: Big talk from —

The WOMAN who is admittedly very BUTCH shrugs with menace.

WHITE GUY #2: She ain’t worth the — let’s roll! C’mon!

SEK: I was about to jump in there, defend your honor and shit.

BUTCH WOMAN: (laughs, nods, stoically ambles off into sunset)

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