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St. Ralph: NoLabelsUnityUnitedForUnityHotSoup’16!


A new book articulates a thrilling new political vision! 

What if Washington politics were no longer defined by partisan gridlock but instead by a cross-party alliance that forged solutions? The alliance would be unstoppable.

Rarely has a more vacuous and useless question been asked with greater frequency. Who’s selling this Tom Friedman pap this time?

That’s the premise of the new book “Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State” by longtime political activist and five-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who contends that such a left-right alliance is not just the stuff of imagination but is actually emerging.

Of course! Now the argument this rather lame fantasy of non-politics politics is actually happening might have some slim basis in reality; I’m sure some libertarians are happy about Nader’s campaign to stop libraries from being constructed unless they meet St. Ralph’s precise aesthetic specifications. But what’s the other evidence?

“On Capitol Hill, I’m seeing more and more in Congress, left and right,” Nader told “The Fine Print.” “It was a vote in the House over a year ago over the NSA snooping, it almost broke through … so we’re beginning to see formulations that once they click together, they’re unstoppable.”

So conservatives helped join an anti-NSA coalition so unstoppable it was stopped. A majority of Democrats voted for the anti-NSA amendment and a majority of Republicans (including the leadership) voted against it, proving that both parties are the same.

Nader expects there is going to be a growth of left-right alliances in Congress, pointing to the war on drugs

I’ll grant this is one issue where, historically, a Naderite analysis of the parties has some purchase. But who are the Republicans who oppose the war on drugs?

and bank regulatory efforts as areas of possibly confluence

HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, mercy. Right, I’m sure Republicans opposed Dodd-Frank en masse because it didn’t go far enough. Surely, you’re typical hack dreaming of a non-partisan politics would be savvy enough to leave an issue like this out rather than explicitly embarrassing themselves. I assume there’s also a chapter in Nader’s new book about how there will be a cross-partisan alliance favoring upper-class tax increases.

Nader has his own vision for who he’d like to be president and has even put forward a proposal of 20 billionaires who he encourages to run for president – a list that includes media mogul Oprah Winfrey and environmentalist Tom Steyer.

Yes, I’m sure our transcendence of political limits will be attained by random billionaires with no political support. Bloomberg/Koch ’16!

When it comes to the current president, Nader said that Obama has violated the Constitution on several occasions and should be impeached.

And…exit. Hopefully Rand Paul will be able to cross party lines and save us all.

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