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Douthat Has The Sadz


Poor Ross. He reads liberals comparing the recent spate of anti-gay bills to segregation and he can’t understand it. After all, he already considered the ability for an individual to discriminate against someone in their place of business conservatives’ “surrender.” Which terrifies one to think about the victory. Anyway, this is just great:

So what then? One possibility is that this division will recede into the cultural background, with marriage joining the long list of topics on which Americans disagree without making a political issue out of it.

In this scenario, religious conservatives would essentially be left to promote their view of wedlock within their own institutions, as a kind of dissenting subculture emphasizing gender differences and procreation, while the wider culture declares that love and commitment are enough to make a marriage.

Right–so the people who declare that love and commitment are enough to make a marriage are the wrong ones. I mean, even if you actually think that, and Douthat may be the only person under the age of 40 in the United States to believe marriage is primarily about procreation, shouldn’t you at least change the phrasing to avoid looking so dismissive of basic respect for one’s partner?

Once again, can we fire all of the Times columnists except Krugman and start over? They range from embarrassing to providing no value over replacement columnist.

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