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Save the Last Twitch for Me


Someone in Erik’s thread asks “Has bspencer been alerted?” Yes, yes she has. She felt a twitch in the force, so she investigated.

What’s the cause of all the twitching? Michelle Obama being a huge asshole, of course. See, it appears she douched it up by appearing at some state dinner like she’s the First Lady or something. To make matters worse, she dressed up–like some DUMB JERK– in a fancy-schmancy dress. WHO DOES THAT? Who wears super-classy, beautiful ballgowns to state dinners? I’ll tell you who: dipshits. I get twitchy just thinking about it.

Michelle Obama is the worst kind of monster. The kind of monster who…awww, screw it. I can’t even… This is so dumb, I’m left snarkless.

In conclusion, someone please sneak some elephant tranquilizer into Michelle Malkin’s next drink of rage juice.

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