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Answering Questions from Creationists


Amanda Marcotte talks about debating fundamentalist Christians here. Her post is illustrated with photos of creationists holding up questions for us smug realists. Ms. Marcotte took them somewhat seriously. I will not.

What mechanism has science discovered that evidences an increase of genetic information seen in any genetic mutation or evolutionary process?


If we come from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?

Because all this poo isn’t going to fling itself and creationists tire easily.

How can you look at the world and not believe someone created/thought of it? It’s amazing!

No, perky lady, the word you’re looking for is “amazeballs.” Please re-write your sign.

Why do evolutionists/secularists/humanists/non-god-believing people reject the idea of their [sic] being a creator god but embrace the concept of intelligent design from aliens or other extra-terrestrial sources?

They don’t. Next question.

How do you explain the sunset if their [sic] is no god?

If you get to credit god with sunsets, can I finally get everybody to admit that Satan created the raisin? I look at raisins and I am certain THERE IS NO GOD.

Are you scared of a Divine Creator?

Yes. John Waters is terrifying.

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