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Thursday Links in Descending Order of Importance

  • Charles CCH Pounder Cooke talks about abortion care center buffer zones. I only skimmed because it’s morning and it’s Charles Cooke. Sometimes I think Cooke is around to remind us that having a British accent doesn’t make you smart, because Stuart Varney can’t be everywhere at once.
  • Read about the Redditor who set up an online dating account as a woman and promptly got deluged with what I like to call “The Favre Treatment.” Yes, that’s right–this poor guy got sent pretty explicit unsolicited pictures of Crocs. No, I’m kidding. He was deluged with dick pics. I think Katherine, in the comments, nails my feelings on the matter. Why don’t more men simply take our word for it when we wimmin say something sucks? It’s like going “I didn’t really think periods were uncomfortable ’til I stabbed myself in the vagina.” Dudes, quit stabbing yourself in the vagina–just take our word for stuff.
  • Look at this incredibly cool photo of a Blue Morpho butterfly.
  • Origami Isopod wants you feel sorry for these poorly-rated gummy bears, but they’re flavored with something called “Lycasin,” which I’m pretty sure is the drug those scientists used to subdue Wolverine when they were replacing his skeleton with Adamantium.
  • These squirrels look like Radiohead. We can now shut down the Internet.
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