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If You Can’t Criticize Sarah Palin Without Sexism…


In a hot new report, a person who will never again hold elected office was once involved in a scandalous scandal of truly scandalous behavior:

Interesting that one of the most vocal and often-quoted supporters of controversial “Duck Dynasty” reality show star Phil Robertson is another figment of celebrity-fantasy — failed Alaska governor Sarah Palin, the one-time sex symbol of the rabid right.

In politics, where hypocrisy abounds, Palin is a standout when it comes to being everything she rants and raves against. The self-styled defender of family values is a female Bill Clinton: Someone who sleeps around. While dating future husband Todd Palin, the then-Sarah Heath, a sports reporter for an Alaska TV station, reportedly shacked up for a night in a dorm room with a college basketball star in what those close to her say was just one of a string of casual flings by a sexually-adventurous woman.

This gross sexism is another excellent example of my dictum that “once you start defining principles at [a high enough] level of abstraction, “hypocrisy” charges become a solvent that completely dissolve privacy for no public benefit.” Indeed, even by the ludicrously overbroad standards of “hypocrisy” that allow people to justify thigh-rubbing over a wide variety of irrelevant trivia, there’s nothing here. She wasn’t married. She wasn’t a public official. She wasn’t involved in nonconsensual sex or sex with subordinates. Nobody would dream of publishing this crap if she was a man. As Rebecca Schoenkopf says, the only content here is “look at the slutty slut!”

This kind of sexist hatchet job was reprehensible when the New York Post did it to Lis Smith, and it’s no better when a Republican woman is the target. Let’s leave the misogynist prudery to Republicans, OK?

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