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Georgism: not necessary


This is cute and all, but San Francisco landowners are not failing to invest in the development of their property because they haven’t been sufficiently incentivized to so. They’re failing to invest because practically the whole damn city is ‘historic’ and they can’t even consider allowing 8 stories on top of a damn BART station. (Seriously, the Mission is a great urban neighborhood, but it’s charm isn’t coming from the historic character of the buildings that line Mission; shit like this is just embarrassing nonsense from people who pretend to be urbanists or care a whit about social justice.)  At some point, the wacky idea that if you’re adding tens of thousands of jobs every year, you should probably let someone build some new housing somewhere is something you’re going to have to entertain. I wonder how many more years of 20%+ increases in housing cost it’s going to take  for this to sink in the bay area.

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