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At any given time, there are undoubtedly thousands of things vying for a “Dumbest Thing on the Internet” award, so it’s probably foolish to say you think you’ve picked a winner. But, screw it, I’m gonna call it. This article–about how nanny statin’ liberals will (obviously, DUH) make ogling boobs illegal–is officially the Dumbest Thing on the Internet. It’s like a Derp Unicorn vomited derp in a bucket already full of derp then spilled the derp vomit, then got grossed out by all the derp vomit, and vomited some more derp to create a pool of derp so wide so deep it became a vortex of derp, and everything on the internet was sucked into the derp vortex, except for the Derp Unicorn, who continued to vomit up stuff for The Daily Caller.



Not my son


UPDATE 2, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: Holy crap, this guy is the gift that keeps giving.

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