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ESPN Sucks


Evidently, it is inappropriate to say the word “suck” on ESPN anymore. Which is too bad given how badly so much ESPN coverage, whether it’s the hours of showing people playing poker or employing Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, sucks.

Per ESPN rules, I’d also like to apologize for this tweet, despite its accuracy:

My 2 favorite NFL teams are the Seahawks and the Cowboys in December.

In a related note, not only did I attend the Patriots-Browns game on Sunday, but I was in the end zone 8 rows up, right in front of the Patriots scoring drive. And that pass interference on the Browns was the worst call I’ve ever seen at a live sporting event. I was so close to the end zone, I could hear Tom Brady bark out the plays. I could have thrown a wad of paper at the spot where that PI was called. That was absolutely atrocious.

On the other hand, those were great seats to an amazing finish. Especially since that was the first NFL game I’ve ever attended.

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