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Reproductive Freedom Is A Central Democratic Value


Evidently, the Women’s Health Protection Act isn’t going to pass anytime soon. But I agree that it’s another welcome sign that Democrats have decided to stop being timorous on reproductive rights:

What’s most bracing about the proposed bill is that it represents a willingness on the part of Democrats in the House and Senate to stand forcefully behind Roe, and to challenge the entrenched thinking that only conservatives are willing to organize around reproductive rights issues. It’s the very opposite of the rear-guard action we’ve been seeing for so many years: an effort to give real legal force to the fact that Roe remains the law of the land, and to craft a legal response for those who are seeing abortion rights all-but-curtailed nonetheless. Finally, it signals that Wendy Davis and the women of Texas may be onto something: Standing up for a woman’s right to choose is neither shameful nor immoral, and standing by as those rights are rolled back is simply no longer an option.

Right, and the sooner all national Democrats realize the pointlessness of chasing some imaginary group of anti-choice but not too anti-choice voters and just embrace the correct policy, the better.

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