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Freepers Nearly As Butthurt As I Am


The front-pagers here are all filling different niches. If you want scathing reviews of condiments, I’m not your gal…so look elsewhere for that sort of thing. Similarly, if you’re looking for someone who has a glass-half-full view of the state of politics, I’d look elsewhere. I’m still upset that John McCain got as many votes as he did. I mean, really–that scares me.

So it’s always nice to know that wingnuts are nearly as despairing as I am. And, ya know, while I’m glad that Terry McAuliffe won, I still think the race was scarily close, especially considering he was running against someone who puts his crazy right out on the front porch where everyone can see it.

Did I just link you to a blogger who went Freeper-nugget-mining? Oh yes I did. Let’s see what kind of turds he found, shall we?


Turnout looked steady and strong for an off-year election.
Those who were voting, seemed to be Republicans and Conservatives — well-groomed and cheerful people.

OK, sure. They were well-groomed and cheerful. But were they articulate?

Comments like this always make me wonder: is this the sort of thing where wingnuts are just saying disgusting things to each other because they’re in the safe confines of wingnuttia or are the comments meant for a wider audience? Do they know libs are watching? Are they just trolling? I always get the feeling the feeling posts like this meant to needle.

WalMart should just offer a 52″ LED TV for 500 bucks, the you’d see a stampede of black faces out of the polling lines. “Chantelle yuz see, theyz offa a TV for 500, let’s blow this joint, gona git me sum”

Then again, maybe it’s more sinister than that, because comments like this make me want to kill myself.*

*Not really. Being hyperbolic…but geeeeez.

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