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(Post title impishly and guiltlessly stolen from LGM regular, Shakezula)

So I just wanted to point out that if we’re going to tackle the scourge of rape by “do”ing and “don’t”ing women to death, there must be a second part to this agenda, and that is demonizing men and making women scared to death of them.

I notice it’s the part that gets left out when people instruct women on how not to get raped. It’s a sad sigh, a head-shake and helpful tip that will lessen our chances of getting raped (often in a form that will lessen our enjoyment of life). But missing from the advice is the unspoken warning that rapists are lurking everywhere. Which means that a fairly significant portion of men are rapists or potential rapists.

Now, you may be thinking that there are too many men who rape as it stands, and you’d be right. But the fact is that most women manage to navigate a world in which men rape a.) without getting raped and b.) thinking a sizable chunk of men are rapists.

Drinking is fun. Alcohol is a social lubricant. And many folks enjoy going out, loosening up a bit, partying with friends and occasionally flirting with strangers. It’s just something that happens, and 99% of the time, it’s gonna work out OK for everyone. Frankly, when you ask women not to drink and party, you ‘re asking them to live less enjoyable lives.

But, fine, let’s  go the route of party-pooping. If we do this, we must also fearmonger. It’s only fair. We must drill into the heads of women and the public at large that men are raping beasts. It must be a constant drumbeat of fear and the demonization of men.

And I think if we do this, we must also wonder whether men should a.) be able to drink (since drinking can impair judgement) b.) be allowed in drinking establishments where women also congregate c.) be alone with women, period.

Perhaps we need chaperones to accompany men wherever they mix with women. Raperones, if you will.

Perhaps we need to have a Rape Czar, who warns women of the rape threat level depending on where she is. These warnings can be posted in bars and other places nice women shouldn’t hang out:

Threat Level:

White: Oprah Book Club

Yellow: A Little Rapey in Here

Orange: Frat House Rager


Do you want to live in  world like this? Yeah, me neither.

And, trolls, please don’t whine about wanting to lessen risk for your daughters. I don’t give a shit if you want to explain to your kids that drinking a lot can impair judgement and get you into all sorts of trouble. So don’t even clog up the comment thread with that shit.

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