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How Blogging Is Done


The straight man:

When the history of this period in American life comes to be written, historians will almost certainly come to see the hysteria prompted by the rise of the Tea Party as akin to the “Red Scare” of the 1950s — except, that is, that there were actual Communist traitors in America.

So, er, the Tea Party doesn’t exist? Well, it’s the National Review — you can’t really expect arguments to hold together, let alone remember that the founder’s claim to fame was stridently defending McCarthy.

But I digress! Let us get to the punchline:

This reminds me of the bit in Costa-Gavras’ Z in which a fascist general, under prosecution for the murder of a leftist politician, is asked by a reporter if he feels himself to be a new Dreyfus. “Dreyfus was guilty!” cries the general.

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