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Just because I was the last to know doesn’t mean it didn’t blow my mind


So there I am, a professional nerd watching World War Z with an executive chef, and I giggle when Brad Pitt decides that at the end of the world, the place he needs to be is Cardiff, Wales. Because of course it is. When the world’s ending and the best option isn’t available, you seek out Torchwood.

“What sort of book nonsense are you laughing about now,” my roommate asked.

“Too arcane to explain,” I replied, and that was that.

So Pitt stumbled up and passed out on the gates of the World Health Organization’s Cardiff outpost, which is fine, as the entire world ain’t out to please me meta-textually.

Or so I thought, before Pitt opened his eyes and the camera flipped to his first-person perspective as he awoke from his short coma:

I made a noise like my mind had been blown because it had. Because that’s Peter Capaldi.

The new Doctor.

In Cardiff.

At the end of the world.

So apparently the best option was available, except he’s not playing the Doctor. He’s credited as … “W.H.O. Doctor.”

For the record, principle photography on World War Z began in early 2011, more than a year and a half before Matt Smith announced he’d be leaving Doctor Who, which means the only way all this could’ve been thrown together would if someone had a …

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