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Don’t Look At Us, We Didn’t Do It!


Shorter Glenn “More Rubble, Less Trouble” Reynolds: “George W. Bush’s disastrous decision to invade Iraq based on farcically dishonest exaggerations of the threat it posed would not have harmed the international standing of the United States if it wasn’t for the meddling people who were right about Iraq.”

No, really:

As I said, if I were George W. Bush or Romney, I’d be sorely tempted to laugh, because Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost. Obama was elected after he and his party sowed distrust of U.S. military endeavors, mocked “intelligence estimates” about “weapons of mass destruction,” and suggested that anything the United States did in the region was probably somehow a scheme to benefit oil companies. Now Obama and his administration are shocked to find that when they go on about intelligence estimates and weapons of mass destruction, people don’t take them seriously.

Yes, there’s nothing that makes me miss George W. Bush more than the fact that people no longer take American intelligence estimates seriously. Only a fool or a Frenchman Briton could think otherwise!

Bonus hackery:

Likewise, Obama has repeatedly shown his disdain for Congress and his willingness to act without congressional approval in all sorts of areas, from ObamaCare implementation to gun control.

My God, not only does Obama not think that legislation duly passed by Congress can’t be unilaterally repealed by the House of Representatives, he has…I tremble at even describing this threat to the republic… proposed legislation to Congress! WHO APPOINTED HIM KING ANYWAY?

Pretty much every paragraph of this op-ed is equally dumb, but I fear that if I continue to make fun if it Congress will retaliate by passing a second statute banning D&X abortions, and I don’t think we can afford that kind of risk.

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