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Minimum Wage


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the WonkBlog is promoting conservative economists that want to allow employers to pay less than the minimum wage.

[SL] I suppose considering Obama’s actual proposals for combating unemployment would be too much to ask, and I don’t find it hard to explain why he’s not making a lot of concrete proposals given that anything he proposes will be defined as beyond-the-pale socialism by House Republicans.  But, sure, if he cared about unemployment like conservative economists do he’d give everybody a free bus ticket to Minot and have the taxpayers pick up the tab so that profitable corporations can pay workers even less, what great ideas.  In particular, I can’t imagine any bait and switch in which the minimum wage is relaxed and the compensatory tax credits mysteriously vanish.  I mean, if it’s proposed by a conservative think tank you know it’s in good faith!

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