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When Hilarious Racism and Misogyny Just Aren’t Enough


I wanted to thank everyone for their incredibly gracious responses to my whining post. I’m sending good thoughts to all of you, as well, especially our own aimai and kathleen.

I know a lot of us come here to laugh to keep from crying. It’s fun to snark about things that anger us because it keeps us sane. But sometimes– as funny as Ben Shapiro looks in his beanie– you gotta get your yuks from different sources.

I was wondering where you all were getting laughs these days. I mostly get mine from my son, who is obviously training for a job as a writer at NRO…


But I’ve also been enjoying Futurama‘s last season, Drunk History, and reruns of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (because I always think the show can’t top the last episode’s crassness and bad-natured insanity, yet somehow it always manages to).

I’ve also been finding Inside Amy Schumer consistently funny. And I’d like to give a shout out to Comedy Central for featuring so prominently a transgendered comedienne. “But, bspen,” you’re saying, “Amy Schumer is not transgendered– she was born a woman.” To which I reply “Unpossible. National treasure Adam Carolla, from that show that was mildly popular a decade ago, and that show where he says food stamps are bad except when his mom was on them, says that women aren’t funny. Ipso facto: Amy Shumer–being frequently hilarious– obviously DUDE.”

But enough about no women anywhere being funny…where do you get your laughs?


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