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Ohio Barbarism

Above: The Republican Coalition. Credit: Karen Kasler via ThinkProgress

John Kasich has signed an abominable bill into law:

The new budget, which takes effect on Monday, includes at least five new anti-abortion provisions. HB 59 will defund Planned Parenthood clinics, reallocate family planning funding to right-wing “crisis pregnancy centers,” strip funding from rape crisis centers that give their clients any information about abortion services, impose harsh restrictions on abortion clinics that will force many of them to shut down, and require doctors to give women seeking abortion information about the presence of a “fetal heartbeat.”

The Republican Party has the following offer to make to American women: we want to make sure that every rapist’s child is born whether you like it or not. As Roy says, “by the time this conservative outreach to female voters is over, Republican National Headquarters won’t even need a ladies’ room.”

As Amanda notes, the bill also joins the war on safe, legal abortion with the war on access to contraception. Why, I’m beginning to think that William Saletan’s proposed grand bargain over contraception might not be viable!

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